In Honor of My Husband, Ron

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second Opinion Coming...

Saturday, January 10: Just a quick update. We had a wonderful peaceful, holiday in Missouri. We always enjoy it there so much. It was so nice to see our niece and her husband and their adorable 4 little boys. We also got to spend time with our nephew. He and our son were always very close as boys, so it was nice that they got to see each other again. We ate tons of wonderful food and played Trivial Pursuit almost every day. I even talked Ron into staying an extra two days. I knew that we wouldn't have much to look forward to once we got home, so I was so glad to stay. The weekend after we got home, we had a wonderful visit with some old friends of Ron's family. While speaking with them, they really encouraged us to get a second opinion up at UW-Madison. I had been thinking that I should call them, so that lit the fire. I called them on Monday from work, explained Ron's situation and they were very accommodating. We have an appointment with an ENT Surgeon there on the 13, and then an appointment with a Radiation Oncologist. We are so hopeful that they will have other options for us to consider.

The surgeon that we met with for the second salvage surgery didn't call Ron until yesterday. He apologized for the delay, but was very happy to hear that Ron was going up to Madison. He has worked with the team up there before, and thought that they really might have some other options for Ron to consider. If we get up there and they tell Ron that the surgery is his best option, we will probably come back and have the surgeon at St. Luke's do this one also. I am so anxious for this to be some new miracle solution. Yesterday we also went to the farm's long-time lawyer to get things in place just in case. That was rough. Ron's brother has been so good to him, and is making sure his family will be taken care of.

I also have to thank the High School I work for. They have been so good to me throughout the past three years. I have been there now for 10 years, and I love it so much. I really enjoy going to work because the kids make sure that my mind is not on our troubles at home. They make me laugh every day. The Administrator even came down to the Library to tell me not to worry about missing work, even if I have to take a leave. They are behind me during this difficult time. My co-workers have been a wonderful support system. And a special shout-out to some of my favorite "kids", Brad, Pablo, both Steves, Matt, Kelly, Taylor, Kate, Ally (and Marty), Sam, Ryan, and many others. You all make my day! I will update after our appointments on Tuesday.