In Honor of My Husband, Ron

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Post Party Gratitude

My heart is so full this morning. Last night was Ron's party at the Zenda Tap, and he was very surprised! Thankfully, I didn't spill the beans beforehand. As we walked towards the door, he saw two of his friends carrying huge stacks of pizzas inside, and he said later that he wondered what was going on and why he hadn't been invited! It was truly a wonderful surprise. When he walked in, everyone shouted and I still think he wasn't sure it was for him. As we walked in I had told him "This is all for you", but I don't think he even heard me. What a huge gathering of old friends! There were people there that we hadn't seen in years. And people who had driven over an hour to get there just for Ron. We had an absolutely wonderful night and want to thank everyone who came out. You don't know how much it means to all of us to see the prayers and support he has. One thing that I heard from almost everyone is that Ron is amazing. Well, I already knew that but it's nice to know so many think so. He talked all night and shared stories with so many friends. It made me realize how many people truly care for him, and I am so grateful. He is a wonderful guy. This party really was the best way to send him off to surgery. We stayed up after we got home so he could see all the photos that Emily took on the computer and he read the big card that everyone signed for him. That card will hang in his hospital room so he knows how many are thinking of him. We are going to have a great day today talking over everything that happened, and then go to bed pretty early. We will be leaving for Madison a little after 3 a.m. He is to be there by 5:30, with the surgery scheduled to start at 7:30. It is expected to last about 15 hours. Please pray for strength for Ron and the rest of the family, and that the Doctor gets a good night's rest tonight and steady hands tomorrow. Thanks again to Marty and Nancy and everyone else who contributed food. You will never truly know how much it meant to Ron and us. We love you all.