In Honor of My Husband, Ron

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ice Chips, Yum!

Thursday, February 26, 2009: Check-up at UW-Madison today with the surgeon. He removed the remaining stitches and staples from Ron's face and neck. Mouth looks great. He was given a plug for his trach, so he can spend longer times with the ability to speak. The doctor said that once he can leave the plug in day and night for at least 3 days, the trach will be removed. Our next appointment is next Wednesday, so that is our goal. They will remove the trach that day and then he will immediately have his swallow study done. He was given some ice chips in the hospital so they could just see if they would make him choke. He did fine with them, so he is to have them at home as often as he wants. The doctor is just sure that he will be able to eat again. We are so excited! I told the team that he was torturing himself yesterday by watching the Food Network. I came in and said "Doesn't that make you hungry to see all that food?" He nodded...and the worst part was that they were making pancakes at the time--one of his very favorite foods! He has lost 14 pounds since right before the surgery. I have ordered 4 cases of Carnation VHC, which is a very high calorie supplement, like Ensure or Boost but the calories and the amount of protein is higher. He was sent home with exercises to do with his tongue and he is to practice swallowing hard. He is very motivated to eat again and I will feel like I can return to work if he gets rid of the trach, so that is what prayers should be directed for at this time. He is feeling as well as can be expected right now. The only problem we haven't been able to solve is that he is getting very little sleep. After discussing with the doctor today, we got a prescription for sleeping pills to use as sparingly as we can. I think he would be happy to get a good nights sleep every other night or even every third night. It would be an improvement! We have an appointment on Monday with the Chemotherapy Oncologist, so I will update after that.

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